Need a date for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, you’re covered!

Possibly one of the cutest fund raising ideas ever, the ‘Five in Five’ campaign challenges people to shake their single status, by going out on five dates in five weeks entirely in the name of charity. Instead of shopping through online profiles for matches, participants utilise their networks, social circles, friends and family to refer them dates and to donate to their dating adventure. And because they’re getting dates referred to them by people who know them best, and because it’s all in the name of charity, there’s much less pressure and possibility of those awkward, silent, twiddling thumbs moments. It’s all about putting yourself out there as a single, for charity at the very least, and feeling great about doing it!

The campaign works in three, simple steps:
1) Singles register online at, allowing them to share their donations page via social media channels, or by simply telling friends and family to take a look;
2) Participants encourage friends and family to sponsor them on their quest for dates, suggest potential dates for the five dates, and explain that it’s all for charity and to please be generous;
3) If participants are nervous they’ve completely forgotten how to date, and think they’re worried they’ll bomb out the moment they open their mouths, they shouldn’t worry – participants receive helpful tips and tools from ‘Five in Five’ campaign dating specialists throughout the entirety of their dating challenge! media release

Last year’s campaign saw over 220 people take-up the challenge raising $60,000 for charity and feedback is that not only did people have fun, but they have had some real dating success.

The ‘Five in Five’ concept allows participants to ‘date for charity’ to ease the pressure of going on dates so they can be ‘just for fun’. They can use the ‘Five in Five’ challenge as a great excuse, or even as an engaging icebreaker so they can finally ask out that interesting person they’ve been thinking about. And the fact that it’s for charity, just might win them over. Because funds are raised through peer-to-peer sponsorship, it’s great to get donors involved in the matchmaking. Friends, family, neighbours and colleagues can all suggest dates to our participating singles, helping to get dating back into the real world with help from people who know them best. ‘Five in Five’ supports three different charities across Australia, committed to helping marginalised women and at-risk and young people: Whitelion, St Kilda Gatehouse and Kids Under Cover.

You can register for the 2014 Five in Five campaign at, kicking off on Valentine’s Day, 14th February to 21st March 2014